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I know, finally!

By January 14, 2011Miscellany

Yes, it’s true, Mack Web Solutions now has a blog. It only took us 8 years.

Even though I’ve been writing and posting articles on our website for years, I never felt the need for a blog. I didn’t want to make the commitment to weekly posts. But, as the web has evolved, so have we (as a company), and now I have decided that the time has come.

The most important goal we have for our customers is to keep them informed; provide our clients with the knowledge necessary to make the best decisions. And that is the reason that I finally bit the bullet.

Although this blog will feature information about anything web, the Mack Web blog will primarily focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge. In today’s market, SEO has become all consuming to a lot of people, including our clients, and it is important to me that we are a reliable source of knowledge on the subject.

I look forward to providing useful and valuable information. I hope you choose to participate and enjoy.

P.S. If you are on Linked In, you can join our “Search Engine Rankings” User Group.


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