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Build Culture with Pinterest

By February 20, 2012Social Media

First of all, if you haven’t heard of Pinterest…we’re really sorry. Seriously, you’re missing out. Pinterest is a virtual corkboard. You can show off cards, pictures, quotes, things you like. You can make them yourself, snag them off other websites, or recycle things other people have pinned.

It’s inspiring, it’s informative, it’s entirely visual, and, frequently, pretty dang funny.

You could say it’s addictive, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Pinning yourself, browsing other people’s pins…it’s a delightful way to see several hours disappear without your notice.

You could say it’s the online equivalent of hoarding, if you really wanted to.

What we at Mack Web Solutions say about Pinterest is that it’s the perfect way to share our personalities and a little bit of our culture.

How Mack Web Uses Pinterest

We’ve spent some time thinking about this and we’ve decided that one of the most important and fundamental principles of the way we do business is that we treat people like people. That means we treat our clients like human beings with lives and deadlines and frustrations and joys. And we treat each other like that, too.

To that end, building some kind of relationship with every client is vital to our sense of workplace satisfaction. Unfortunately, as a company in the web world, we have clients across the country. It’s difficult to develop rapport with them over the phone or email. We can do straight-up business that way, but there are a few things we want our clients to know about us that are best conveyed through some other medium.

Namely, that we know our stuff, that we work hard, that we have a passion for our work, and also that we’re people, too. We have names and faces and senses of humor…and we understand that you do too.

This is where Pinterest comes into play. Businesses are still sussing out how to use Pinterest for promotional purposes, but for us, it’s about sharing our culture with you.

All of our team members have personal boards on our Pinterest site where they can pin things that show their personality and interests. We’re all pretty different in the particulars, but a quick glance shows that we have the broad strokes in common: we’re creative and clever and we’ve clearly got a handle on this web/social media/being awesome thing.

We also have a company board to focus on our branding. The theme of the hour (and month and, y’know, decade) is growth, so we’ve got a board where we can pin things relating to that: ideas, images, inspirations…other things that start with the letter ‘i’.

And since we also a) offer a web design service and b) spend a lot of time online, we tend to focus on websites that we personally like. We’ve got a board for that too.

We fully anticipate that the list of boards will grow with new ideas and concepts.

A Shout out to Authenticity (not self-promotion)

So this is the balance we’ve found with Pinterest. We are Mackcentric with our Pinterest, but not in a way that is blatantly self-promotional and runs contrary to the heart of the Pinterest concept. We aren’t selling our souls…we’re sharing our souls.

Cheesy? Maybe. But no less true for all that.

Even though Pinterest has been around for a while, businesses are just getting started on this particular platform. If you’re thinking about using it, we recommend a few simple preliminary steps:

  1. Think about your purpose: why would you would create a board? what purpose will it serve?
  2. Think about what you will pin and share: what topics do you want to cover? what type of media (doesn’t have to be just images; can be video too)?
  3. Think about how you will contribute to the Pinterest community: what do you hope people will gain from seeing your board? how will they respond to what you’ve aggregated?

If you’ve taken all those things into consideration, well then…Pin on, MacDuff.

And hey, we’d love to see what you pin so make sure to let us know you’re on board (Hee hee. Bad puns RULE!).

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