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Mack Web featured in City of Fort Collins Economic Newsletter

By February 20, 2012Miscellany, Web Marketing

We’re kind of excited (giddy, really) that the City of Fort Collins has recognized our company, Mack Web Solutions, in its recent Economic Newsletter.

‘Why did they do that?’ we hear you ask. (Yes, we do hear you. We hear lots of things).

Apart from our sheer awesomeness, it’s pretty exciting that in a time when unemployment in Colorado is 7.9%, Mack Web Solutions finds itself in a period of growth.

We attribute this growth to the value of all that we have to offer.  In addition to some pretty fantastic web design work, Mack Web offers a robust search engine marketing package which allows our clients to raise their search engine traffic and web visibility in a time when an online presence is quickly becoming a business necessity. We’re on our way to becoming the most knowledgeable search engine marketing company in Northern Colorado (and when we get there, it’s all about world domination).

Thank you City of Fort Collins for recognizing our company and for writing such a thorough article. We love living and working in this town! Seriously, Fort Collins is the best town ever.

Except, maybe, Atlantis. Utopian society, island living. Hard to beat that.



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