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8 Gluten Free Snack Ideas

By June 21, 2012Miscellany

Get your gluten on…or don’t. For Natalie, Mack Web’s very own design ninja, it’s definitely a no-go on a diet that contains gluten. Back in 2009, Natalie’s body began having allergic reactions to the protein component of wheat. This was a sad time for Nat because she loves snacks, and sweets, and treats…and well anything that involves food. And snacks. Did we mentioned snacks? Snacks are food, too.

Because of this discovery, Natalie has become a connoisseur of gluten-free goodies. For all of you gluten-free people out there, here’s some of Nat’s top picks.

Natalie’s List of Top 8 of Gluten Free Deliciousness:

  1. Yogurt or Cottage Cheese mixed with fruit.
  2. For those who like a healthy breakfast – Bob’s Red Mill Creamy Brown Rice  (with brown sugar, a dash of salt, and some milk if you want it even creamier).
  3. Since it’s summer….apricots, peaches, and plums.
  4. In theory, yes popcorn is gluten free, but be aware that the factory in which it’s produced may contain gluten-products (thus, cross contamination is possible).
  5. For those with a sweet-tooth, Udi’s makes some great muffins. (Blueberry Muffins are Nat’s favorite).
  6. If your sweet tooth still isn’t satisfied, try out French Meadow Bakeries Fudge Brownies.
  7. Gluten free baked goods from Cafe Ardour (if you inhabit the Fort Collins area, check them out).
    (Photo of Cafe Ardour’s gluten free Chocolate Lavender Orange Cupcakes. You know you want one.)
  8. Nut-Thins Rice Crackers with cheese.

If you are unable to eat gluten and have a list of top treats, please share with Natalie and the rest of our community because only 25 percent of American’s seek out gluten-free foods! The gluten-free community has to share snacking secrets right?

The gluten-free community also should be sharing some humor so here is our contribution:

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