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Wanna copy my homework? A guide to the #mozcon lineup

By July 8, 2012Events

MozCon is going to be epic. Three whole days of amazing speakers (did you know there are 24?!), making new friends, and getting smarter (my brain is going to be huge). But before I go, I’ve decided to put in some hustle and do my homework so that I can get the most out of the conference. Lucky for you I’ve decided to share.

Here’s the low down on the lineup at MozCon (in order of appearance). I have also provided a suggested MozCon game plan, after the speaker breakdown, below:

Paddy Moogan

What Paddy does:
Paddy works for Distilled as an SEO Consultant.



What Paddy is speaking about:
Link Building

Some stuff about Paddy:
Paddy is the perfect mix between knowledgable, practical, and technical. Paddy’s blog provides valuable, actionable posts (lots of creative ideas and tips about building quality links). I absolutely love Paddy’s post on “Why Knowing Everything About SEO Doesn’t Mean Shit”. That post, my friends, is what makes Paddy awesome.

Stuff Paddy wrote:


Jon Colman

What Jon does:
For the last four years, Jon has done Agile SEO and inbound marketing at REI. He also spent four years working at the The Nature Conservancy focusing on SEO, Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing there as well.

Speaker update! As of Monday morning, Jon has just announced that he’s leaving SEO.



What Jon is speaking about:
Agile Framework SEO

Some stuff about Jon:
Jon is an accomplished SEO speaker who has a passion for Agile inbound marketing. He works to integrate SEO, social media, and content strategies.

Some of Jon’s presentations:


 Jen Lopez

What Jen does:
Jen is the [kick-ass] Community Manager at SEOmoz.



What Jen is speaking about:
Community as Inbound

Some stuff about Jen:
An SEO herself, Jen has her finger on the pulse of the community and always seems to have a smile on her face. Jen has a background in web development and is a natural star at social media. Jen’s posts on Moz are always detailed, informative, and actionable. I’ve never met Jen in person (she’s on my MozCon bucket list) but it’s easy to tell that Jen has an amazing personality and great sense of humor. I’m looking forward to her take on community and how she would leverage for inbound.

Some stuff Jen wrote:


Jon Henshaw

What Jon does:
Jon is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer for Raven Internet Marketing Tools.



What Jon is speaking about:
How Relationships Drive Link Building

Some stuff about Jon:
Word on the street is Jon’s a pretty energetic guy. I especially like how Jon preaches effective link building via innovation, value, and relationships. Jon appears to be a straight shooter and his passion for what he does at Raven is most definitely illustrated in the quality of their product.

Some stuff to read about Jon:

Annie Cushing

What Annie does:
Annie is a Senior SEO at SEER Interactive.



What Annie is speaking about:
Badass Excel Tips and Tricks for Your Data

Some stuff about Annie:
Annie has more than 20 years of experience as a journalist under her belt. She is also a skilled SEO who knows and uses the power of social media and well written content to get clients desired results. Annie is a self-proclaimed data geek (i.e. an excel goddess), and loves collecting and interpreting data. That, and, she really likes shoes (I like her already).

Some stuff Annie wrote/recorded/answered:

Matt Peters

What Matt is speaking about:
Web Spam Research

Some stuff about Matt:
Matt has a passion for scientific and qualitative analysis. He spends his time at moz working on data analysis, modeling, and statistics. Matt has a PhD in Applied Math, so we’ll just overlook the fact that he doesn’t have a Google+ page or a Twitter account.

Some stuff Matt wrote:


Wil Reynolds

What Wil does:
Wil is the founder of SEER Interactive.



What Wil is speaking about:
Beyond Link Building: Real Companies do Real Things

Some stuff about Wil:
Wil is funny, energetic, and powerful. It seems like whatever he sets his mind to comes to fruition.  I saw Wil speak at Link Love Boston, where he talked about how to properly stalk people in order to build relationships, and he was nothing short of inspiring. Top that with how much Wil gives back to his community, and he’s just one all around awesome guy. Plus, he can filter, analyze, and utilize data like nobody’s business.

Some stuff Wil wrote:

Michael King

What Michael does:
Michael (also known as iPullRank) is the Director of Inbound Marketing at iAcquire.



What Michael is speaking about:
Social Tools & Data Mining

Some stuff about Michael:
Michael has a knack for breaking down process. He’s really good at using real-life examples to effectively explain SEO, link building, and social media. His posts are chalk full of value and actionable stuff (which explains why he is so popular in the SEOmoz community). I’m looking forward to seeing Michael speak in person.

Some stuff Mike wrote:

Richard Baxter

What Richard does:
Richard is the Founder, and an SEO Conultant, at SEO Gadget.



What Richard is speaking about:
Link Analytics Through API

Some stuff about Richard:
Most of what Richard writes and speaks about is technical in nature, but he does a great job of breaking it down for us less-technical-in-nature people to follow. I like how Richard’s bio on his website details his role as a founder and an SEO Consultant. It’s easy to see why SEO Gadget would be an awesome company to work with.

Some stuff Richard wrote/recorded:

Cyrus Shepard

What Cyrus does:
Cyrus is an independent SEO Consultant and Web Strategist. He used to work as an in-house SEO for SEOmoz.



What Cyrus is speaking about:
High ROI Content Strategies for SEO

Stuff about Cyrus:
If you don’t have Cyrus circled on Google+, do it now. He shares a lot of great content and insights (he’s in more than 3,600 circles, so you know he’s worth listening to). Cyrus is an analytics and strategic king. He has a knack for breaking down features, challenges, and inconsistencies so that even the most novice SEO can understand. I’ve learned a great deal about SEO since I’ve started following Cyrus.

Some stuff Cyrus wrote/recorded:

Ian Lurie

What Ian does:
Ian is the Founder and CEO of Portent, Inc.



What Ian is speaking about:
How to Earn Links Without Doing Anything

Some stuff about Ian:
Ian Lurie is also on my MozCon bucket list. What I like about Ian is that he’s very transparent; he doesn’t sugar coat anything and he has a terrible sense of humor. It’s also pretty great that Ian’s background and approach is rooted in both SEO and social. I’m excited to hear him speak. Seems like he’ll be pretty entertaining.

Some stuff Ian wrote:

Greg Boser

What Greg does:
Greg is the President of BlueGlass Interactive.



What Greg is speaking about:
Redefining Business Models in a Post-Penguin World

Some stuff about Greg:
Greg has both a marketing and SEO background, and has been in SEO longer than the industry has even had a name. Greg’s current efforts lie in strategy, tool development, and speaking about organic search marketing.

Some stuff Greg wrote/recorded:

Rhea Drysdale

What Rhea does:
Rhea is the Co-Founder and CEO of Outspoken Media.



What Rhea is speaking about:
Online Reputation Management

Some stuff about Rhea:
Seriously, people, Rhea is a bad ass (and I don’t use that term loosely). In a short time, Rhea has built a brand and reputation that is a force to be reckoned with. She is not only a talented SEO, but she is a tremendous leader. Rhea has an analytical prowess (spreadsheets should be her middle name) and a passion for strategy. Looking forward to her session.

Some stuff Rhea wrote:


Marty Weintraub

What Marty does:
Marty is the CEO of aimClear.



What Marty is speaking about:
Persona Modeling Unhinged: The Zen of “Whole” Customer

Some stuff about Marty:
Marty is a seasoned speaker and author of “Killer Facebook Ads”. Marty has a very matter-of-fact style and a transparent approach to communication. Marty loves good food, wine, and his family.

Some stuff Marty wrote:


Pete Myers

What Pete does:
Pete, affectionately known as Dr. Pete, is the President of User Effect.



What Dr. Pete is speaking about:
A Secret Algo Project Launch

Some stuff about Dr. Pete:
If you’re a Mozer, you know Dr. Pete. He spends a lot of time writing for the SEOMoz Blog (he has more than 13,000 MozPoints!). Dr. Pete has a diverse background as a start-up exec, cognitive psychologist, and programmer. He is known for his experiments and providing extremely relevant, useful, and actionable information. Another one for Mack’s bucket list.

Some stuff Dr. Pete wrote:


 Jenny Lam

What Jenny does:
Jenny is Co-Founder and Chief Designer of Jackson Fish Market.


What Jenny is speaking about:
The D Word: Leading the Way to Great Design

Some stuff about Jenny:
Jenny’s company specializes in design and UX for consumer software. Jackson Fish Market creates “beautifully distinctive user experiences for the web, iPhone, iPad, and more.” It’s great that the lineup at MozCon features a talented designer like Jenny.

Some stuff Jenny’s company does:


AJ Kohn

What AJ does:
AJ is the owner of Blind Five Year Old.



What AJ is speaking about:
Google+ SEO & Authorship

Some stuff about AJ:
AJ is definitely skilled at analysis. He brings a very technical element to everything he writes. I’m super excited about his Google+ presentation. We’re big fans of Google+ and taking advantage of the rel author feature and so is AJ, so I’m hoping to learn some new things from him that we can bring to our clients.

Some stuff AJ wrote:


Martin Macdonald

What Martin does:
Martin is the Inbound Marketing Director at Expedia.



What Martin is speaking about:
Not sure. This one is TBD but I’m sure it will be awesome.

Some stuff about Martin:
Like Greg Boser, Martin has been in SEO even before it was called SEO. Martin is based in London, from Scotland, but considers himself Spanish (you’ll have to ask him when you see him). He loves to talk about SEO. Luckily, we get to listen.

Some stuff Martin wrote:


 Aleyda Solis

What Aleyda does:
Aleyda is a search marketer who is focused in international and local SEO. She is the global SEO manager at Forex Club and consultant for Orainti.



What Aleyda is speaking about:
SEO Project Management

Some stuff about Aleyda:
Aleyda is an international SEO. Her approach to SEO is practical and sustainable. She preaches the value of involving the client in all aspects, especially link building, in order to achieve desired results. With her technical background and experience in a highly competitive field, Aleyda excels at communicating SEO processes that focus on conversion.

Some stuff Aleyda wrote/answered:


Mike Pantoliano

What Mike does:
Mike is an SEO Consultant at Distilled


Google+: (Mike states on his Google+ Page that he’d rather you follow him on Twitter)

What Mike is speaking about:
Attribution Modeling: Why You Must Be Doing It and How to Do it Easily with Google Analytics

Some stuff about Mike:
Mike is one sharp dude. His posts on the Distilled blog are very informative, insightful, and actionable. He is also an Excel guru.

Some stuff Mike wrote:


Jessica Bowman

What Jessica does:
Jessica is the Founder and CEO of In-house SEO.


Google+: (Nothing on her page yet).

What Jessica is speaking about:
Estimating Traffic Based on Keyword Research

Some stuff about Jessica:
Jessica helps companies effectively build their in-house SEO. She has a tech background which helps to bridge the gap between marketing and IT.

Jessica’s Blog:


 Joanna Lord

What Joanna does:
Joanna is the Director of Acquisition & Retention Marketing at SEOmoz.



What Joanna is speaking about:
A New Form of CRO

Some stuff about Joanna:
She appears to be obsessed with coffee, but at least she’s aware of it. (Isn’t this the first step?). Joanna is funny, witty, and knowledgable. Like the entire team at SEOmoz, she has an effective approach to online marketing.

Some stuff Joanna wrote:


Rand Fishkin

What Rand does:
Rand is the CEO and co-founder of SEOMoz.



What Rand is speaking about:
Head-to-Head: How to build a content marketing strategy

Some stuff about Rand:
What I love about Rand is that his approach and message is always very simple, clear, and powerful. Rand is extremely passionate about what he does and he always speaks with genuine excitement. He inspires people to do good things in the industry and the world. Plus, his wife is a bad ass.

Some stuff Rand recorded/wrote:


Tom Critchlow

What Tom used to do:
Tom was the VP of Operations for the New York office at Distilled. He has now taken a position at Google and will be working in the Google Creative Lab.



What Tom is speaking about:
Head-to-Head: How to Make Your Content Marketing Efforts Reach Further

Some stuff about Tom:
In everything that Tom writes, his passion for creativity, ingenuity, and education shines through. Like a lot of the thought leaders in our industry, Tom gives it to you straight. When I saw Tom speak at LinkLove Boston, I really resonated with his message about Mediocre to Good. In his talk, he discussed how many businesses give up right before they get great. This can be true for your own company or for the companies that you work for.

Some stuff Tom wrote:



Even more value!
This year SEOmoz has awarded the following talented people a 10 minute speaking spot at Mozcon:

Darren Shaw from White Spark will be speaking about local optimization.
Fabio Ricotta from Mestre SEO will be speaking about SEO for e-commerce.
Jeff McRitchie from MyBinding will be speaking about creating professional video on a budget.
Dana Lookadoo from Yo! Yo! SEO will be speaking about structure social sharing.

Also, Gianluca did a great post on the State of SEO in 2012 where he features the input of the MozCon speakers. Check it out.


Making the most of MozCon
For what it’s worth, here’s my suggested game plan for MozCon:

  • Follow the speakers on Twitter and Google+. If there is an opportunity to engage with them (i.e.ask a question, let them know you enjoyed something they’ve written, tell them you’d love to meet up at MozCon) do it. But don’t be a loser about it. Don’t self-promote. Make this all about them.
  • Read some of the articles they have written, or watch some videos (including their presentations at other conferences). If you don’t have Pocket yet, get it and then download the app to your phone. It will allow you to put every one of these articles into one convenient place and access whenever you are able (time saving tip courtesy of John Doherty).
  • Make a bucket list. Who do you want to talk to? If you get the opportunity, what would you like to ask them? Do your research and come prepared.
  • Enjoy. When I’m at MozCon, I’m going to keep my game plan in mind, but I’m also going to make sure that I’m living in the moment and taking it all in.

I’ll be tweeting as much as possible at MozCon so follow me if you want to get the inside scoop.

For those of you who aren’t able to make it to to the conference, are there any questions you’d like to me to ask of the speakers? If I get the chance, I’d be happy to connect on your behalf.

See you in Seattle!


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  • Mackenzie, this is huge! Thanks for putting it together, I might do my own homework on some of the folks above that I don’t know as well. So helpful, thanks again, and see you soon. 🙂

    • Mackenzie Fogelson says:

      Hey Rhea! You’re very welcome. I didn’t realize what I had committed to until I got about 6 speakers in, but I made it through! There is some good stuff to read on all of these speakers. I’m sure I didn’t do them all justice. Looking forward to hanging in person in Seattle!

  • Jon Henshaw says:

    Nice writeup! Thanks for putting this together and for the kind words you wrote about me. See you in Seattle 🙂

  • Mike Arnesen says:

    Thanks for this amazing post, Mackenzie! I definitely Pocketed quite a few of the posts you linked for reading later on. I’ll be at MozCon as well, so I’ll see you there! Did you apply for a guest speaking spot? I did.

    • Mackenzie Fogelson says:

      My pleasure Mike. I learned a great deal while researching for this post. MozCon is going to be amazing. I did apply for a guest speaker spot, but I’m not holding my breath 🙂 So many talented people in our industry! It’s great! See you in Seattle.

  • Wowzers – great post, Mackenzie! Now I feel like I have a cheat sheet about all the other speakers. I was already geeked about MozCon, but you’ve just turned it up to 11! Thanks so much for your great work here. 🙂

  • Iain says:

    Awesome work Mackenzie. I’m not going to be at MozCon, but reading this only makes me more jealous of the people who will be!

    You convey a real sense of excitement in your writing which is great to see and makes the whole thing easy to digest.


  • Thanks for the Bonus addition! I’m sure my fellow community speakers share the same honor to be speaking at MozCon and plan to provide value-added bonuses. 😉

    This post gives me an opportunity to study some insights about some of the speakers with whom I’m not so familiar. NICE work!

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