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Be Inspired! Creative Facebook Covers

By September 28, 2012Uncategorized

Fall is full of creative happenings of every shape, size, and flavor.

There’s fall Fashion week in Paris, New York, London & Milan.

Vogue Magazine (to the mail woes of many) produces its September Issue, ushering in the new fashions for the year and trying to outdo the previous September issue (in page quantity, and indirectly, in weight).

In a more accessible forum, this time of year also ushers in autumnal pies. Beautiful, (fashionable?), and tasty autumnal pies

See? September = creative inspiration.

So, jump on the bandwagon.

Why not use the creativity of this season to get inspired and re-vamp your social media platforms? An easy place to start is with your company’s Facebook cover art. This is free real estate you should take advantage of. Highlight your personality, products, events, contests or company culture in this space. The key here, is to be creative while maintaining your company’s current branding.

So, in the spirit of fashion forward September, tasty pies and what have you, I’d like to share some of my favorite Facebook covers in the hopes that you too, will find some inspiration this fall season.

Here’s a handful of creative covers to get you started:

Paul Mitchell

Their cover art is a good lesson on how to blend images and illustrative text (without overdoing it). I also like the styled call to action (complete with arrow) pointing to the link below.

Arizona Ice Tea:

This image grabs visitors eyes immediately with its bright color. Rather than slapping up a random photo of sorts, Arizona uses this space to garner interest in their promotions and contests.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s does an excellent job of creating a cover that matches the company’s branding. Who doesn’t recognize the Ben & Jerry’s cows that grace the covers of their delicious delectables?


Izze maintains consistent branding on their Facebook page by using a product photo. They highlight their flavors and the refreshing nature of their product, using a brightly colored image with a crisp, high quality resolution (they even picked up the dew drops on the bottles to emphasize just  how refreshing these drinks are). Well done. Also, I’m kind of thirsty now…

Celestial Seasonings

Lovely illustration, lovely quote, and a lovely way of highlighting their favorite teas for the fall season.

The Welsh Rabbit

These guys are just down the street from us. The way they use their cover space to explain who they are and what they do is creative and clever. The chalkboard you see in the image is a shot pulled directly from their storefront. A great way of tying their page directly back to their store space.

Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake uses this space to highlight her amazing illustration skills. Visitors to her page immediately see what she does (and how well she does it).


Adobe takes advantage of this space to highlight how their tools help well known brands.

Adobe Indesign

I included one more Adobe example, just to show you how well they brand each of their products. Their cover art for Indesign has a very different feel and look to it than the previous Adobe platform I listed.

‘Cause who doesn’t enjoy a Facebook cover with a nice BIG typeface on it?

The Lorax

He’s in your face, but in a non-creepy way.

Caribou Coffee

Caribou’s cover art does well to capture the company’s personality and culture.


We like the consistency for the men’s and women’s pages. The soft, ethereal style of the cover art is warm and inviting to visitors.

Color Me Rad 5k

This one might just be my favorite, because it’s an explosion (literally) of color! Creative, fun and intentional, this image promotes the event by showing visitors just how rad this race is. This image alone makes our team want to go run a 5k (and Courtney HATES running).

Think there’s a creative Facebook cover that needs to get on our list? Let us know, and if it fits the bill, you might see it up here.



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