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Sometimes you have to toot your own horn. Toot. Toot.

By September 12, 2012Events, Miscellany

Mack Web is always looking to lead by example. The way we see it, if we’re not doing the stuff we recommend to our clients, then how can we feel confident in the direction we’re providing?

So lately we’ve been working really hard (yes, very, very hard) in developing valuable content. And we are so very excited that our efforts are paying off.

Here’s a little inspiration for you (and a little pat on our backs as well):

Top 50 Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2012

Back in July Mack wrote a post about how we facilitate content and social media marketing here at Mack Web. The post had so much value for agencies and people all over the SEO industry that it made the Top 50 Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2012 on Search Engine Journal. Now that was cool to see. Especially because there were so many people on the list from our industry we highly respect.

Agile Marketing & Client Collaboration

Mack is two-for-two on SEOmoz (one of the most reputable SEO blogs in the world). Her most recent post on Ensuring Client Collaboration Through Agile Marketing provides some insight into how we are using agile marketing to bring more value to and work more collaboratively with our clients.

Community Manager of the Day: June Macon

We’re so proud of June and her feature as Community Manager of the Day on My Community Manager. June shares some insight to her role as community manager at Mack Web. You can learn more about that as well in June’s guest blog on being a “hybrid” of sorts on the Raven Tools blog.

How about you?

As a team, we are excited to see our hard work and dedication gain recognition within our industry. We’d love to hear your successes as well. Don’t be shy!



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