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Our Little Girl is All Grown Up…and Speaking at Search Love Boston

By February 14, 2013Events, Miscellany

Something to celebrate

In honor of the day, we Mack Web folks decided to send out a little love…to one of our own.

It may surprise you to know that we here at Mack Web Solutions do not actually conduct our lives as a non-stop party.

I know, I know. We just exude an aura of constant revelry, but the truth is…we are actually serious people conducting serious business.

Ha! Yeah, I couldn’t even keep a straight face typing that. We try to have a good time and we usually succeed.

That being the case, you can bet that when there’s an actual reason to party…we do.

Congratulations, Mack!

One of the strongest messages we send as a web marketing company is that your content should only be about 20% self-promotion or back-patting, but we also think you need to celebrate your wins.

Which is why the rest of the company is taking this chance to sincerely congratulate (and let the rest of the world know that we are sincerely congratulating) Mackenzie Fogelson AKA EponyMack AKA Our Fearless Leader for being selected as a speaker at the upcoming SearchLove Boston Conference.

In case you aren’t aware, SearchLove is a conference that Distilled, an international online marketing company, hosts yearly. They are pretty amazing.

(For more information on the conference, scroll allllllll the way down. (We could just link to it again here, but…we think you should read the post first. Not that we’re biased or anything).).

This is a goal Mack set for herself and our company less than a year ago. (Seriously. Remember this Twitter post from back in the day? That marks the start date of her tireless campaign to get here.) We are incredibly excited and amazed to see it come to fruition so soon.

Nothing says “well done” like confectionry.

Knowing Mack, she’ll probably be putting together a thoughtful post reflecting on the road she traveled to SearchLove and the ways in which that journey validates our company philosophies (which it does, fyi).

But that’s a post for the future. This is a post for unabashed self-congratulation.

And also cake. See, here, Mack’s celebratory cake:

And see, also, Mack’s face upon receiving said cake:

(Not an actual depiction. In case you were wondering).

‘Nuff said

Aaaaaand, that’s pretty much it. Like we said, the whole point of the post was blatant congratulations, so that’s what we’re doing:

Yay Mack! Yay team! Yay SearchLove! Yay cupcakes!

(And if you don’t think a cupcake counts as a party…well…I have nothing to say to you. Clearly you fail to understand the cosmic importance of cupcakes).

Go see Mack (and other people) speak

Here’s the vital stats, if you’re interested in witnessing Mack’s triumph first hand:

Where: Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, Boston
When: May 20-21, 2013
Cost: $699 (basic ticket), $999 (fancy ticket, bonus content, etc).

That’s the basics. For more information or actual ticket purchase, go talk to Distilled about the SearchLove Boston. They know what’s what.


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