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Optimize Your Website Design for Better SEO

By March 6, 2013Web Marketing

Many people treat SEO and web design as though they are two separate entities, like mind and body. But every good ninja knows that you must harness both to be a fully realized being. In the same way, correct optimization of your site and good design are both important factors.  When they are done well, you can boost traffic to your website, communicate your branding, and provide a satisfactory user experience.

We’ve brought together the wisdom of the best SEO and web design sensei to aid you in your quest to become a design-optimizing ninja.

And, just in case your goal is not self proclaimed ninja-hood (which is hard to believe, ‘cuz who wouldn’t want to be a scrabble-playing…er, I mean kung-fu fighting ninja?), you should read the articles anyway. Maybe you could be an optimization cowboy. Or astronaut.

Without further ado, let the training begin:

1) 10 Excellent SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Web Design
This article covers the basics, i.e. the things you need to make sure you’ve accounted for in order to have your site optimized and at its best. It answers such pressing questions as: Is your site navigation search engine friendly? Can search engine spiders read your content? Are your URLs friendly? and much, much more.

2) Top Five SEO Design Mistakes
Shari Thurow covers five design mistakes that could prevent your site from getting crawled. Learn why splash pages are a pain and the importance of striking a balance between HTML text and graphics. This is a great article for those getting started on a website design or for those who want to see how their existing site stands up.

3) Designing for SEO: 5 Key Elements to Include
If you’re short on time, this is a quick read that covers some of the basics: how you can optimize visual prompts (i.e. calls to action), why you should steer clear of building your site in Flash, the importance of a blog, and why fatty footers are beneficial.

4) Designing for SEO
Want to understand what effective SEO looks like? Justin Taylor explains how you can create a well-designed site with excellent on-page optimization, and have the best of both worlds.

Designing for SEO

5. Blog Design for Killer SEO – Infographic
“This is great,” you say, “but what if my online presence is a blog? How does designing for SEO translate to that arena?”

And to your query, we say, “Never fear! Cyrus Shepard created a stellar infographic (and blog post) covering Blog Design Tips for Killer Optimization.


Blog Design for SEO

Assuming you’ve checked out the resources above, you should now be a fully-optimized-design ninja! Go use your newfound stealth and skills to bring peace and justice to the SEO/design world…or sit in a sewer below the streets of New York City and eat pizza with giant talking turtles. We’d say either option is a win.

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