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The face behind Faces of Fort Collins – a local blogger introducing locals

By May 3, 2013Building Community

In this day and age, it’s all about information…or easy access to information, I should say.

Humans are intensely curious creatures and people always want to know what is going on in the world around them and, for the team at Mack Web, Fort Collins is the place where the majority of our life happens. (Ya know, since we live and work in this awesome, micro-brewing, music loving, outdoor-enthusing, food-truck-bearing town.)

So when we learned about a new blog on the Scoop Network, Faces of Fort Collins, I had to investigate; I absolutely needed to know more. (I am already a big fan of Kristin Mastre and the work she has done with the blog network she built from scratch; now she is one driven lady.)

So learn more I did, people. I went straight to the source. And in a fun role reversal, the blogger behind the Faces of Fort Collins, Kara Thompson, got to be interviewee for once.

Faces of Fort Collins Blogger, Kara Thompson

Here’s what she had to say:

How did you get started blogging?
For the past several years, I’ve been a full-time mom. When I saw The Scoop Blog Network advertise for new bloggers on Facebook in January, I submitted a pitch and was asked to join the network. Faces of Fort Collins is my first experience as a blogger.

My writing background is varied, and my past professional positions include being a newspaper reporter, a writer and editor in Services Marketing at an Air Force base, Communications Director at a small private school, technical writer at a research center at a university, and editorial director and project manager at a marketing and advertising firm. In these positions, I always appreciated the opportunity to talk to individuals and learn their stories, which relates directly to my goals for “Faces Of Fort Collins.”

Where did the idea of Faces of Fort Collins come from?
In my background as a newspaper reporter and writer/editor of various marketing publications, my favorite part of the job was always talking with people and learning their stories. I was never really interested in blogging about my own life, because I’m a fairly private person. So I came up with the concept of “Faces” in order to tell the story of Fort Collins by talking to the people here; it’s the people that define a community and can make it truly great.

How long have you lived in Fort Collins?
My family moved here in February 2009. We’d moved around a lot with my husband’s Air Force career. We had both previously lived in Colorado Springs, which is where we met. When we had the chance to chose a place to live, we decided to come back to Colorado.

How do you find the people you want to interview/highlight?
Initially, I asked friends to recommend people in the community that they knew personally. I got a great response and I’m thankful to my friends for being so supportive. I’ve done some cold calling, like to the Mayor’s office and to the FCPD Chief’s office; everyone has been so gracious. And now, when I’m done interviewing someone that I’m profiling, I ask them if they have anyone they’d like to recommend.

Who has been your favorite interview thus far?
I’ve had the opportunity to talk to some really wonderful people, but I’m going to say my first interview was my favorite because that meant that “Faces of Fort Collins” was off and running. It was with Gunter and Nicolette Bischof from Philomusica European Music School; they had a really amazing story to tell.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
Getting used to juggling the at-home work schedule with the full-time mom responsibilities.

What do you like most about your job?
Very simply, getting to meet a lot of great people in the community.

What do you think Faces of Fort Collins will add to our community?
Maybe it will encourage people to be more aware that everyone has an important story to tell. Everyone’s story is a part of Fort Collins and what makes this such a great place to live.

And…in case this interview wasn’t enough…I even had the chance to do a rapid fire interview with Kara via video. Check it out:

Hopefully you have a chance to check out Kara’s blog because in a week or two, a special someone you know (hint hint) will be featured. Also, if you have suggestions on who should be featured, connect with her on Facebook.



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