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And Then There Were Six…

By June 21, 2013Events, Miscellany

(But not in a creepy, ominous way)

Contrary to the common usage of the phrase, we’re actually counting up, not down. (As far as we know, nobody is skulking around the Mack Web island, knocking off careless stragglers).

This month we are beyond pleased to be introducing not one, but two new members of the Mack Web team. (Yeah, we can hardly believe it either).

There are several implications to these new additions.

The most obvious, of course, is that Mack Web is growing like a mad thing. Which is awesome.

We’re adding new skill sets, new perspectives, and a whole new well of pop culture references to our offerings. Which is even awesomer.

Slightly less awesome? We’re going through the chocolate at a much higher rate. (Seriously. There’s nothing but Mr. Goodbar left. Where have all the Krackels gone, I ask you?)

Chocolate or no chocolate, we are seriously excited to be introducing your to our two new Web Marketing Strategists: Tyler Brooks and Ashley Steele.

It’s a Boy!

That’s right, friends. After a long history of being an all-girls club, we’re excited to introduce you to Tyler Brooks, the first guy to officially join the Mack Web Solutions team.

Tyler. And His Whiteboard.

Tyler joins us fresh from Indiana and we’re pretty happy that we get to show him the ropes around Fort Collins as well as the office. We’re also happy that the beautiful whiteboard that has mostly been used thus far to keep track of the drinks we owe each other has finally found its purpose in his hands.

You can find out all about Tyler’s professional credentials on his bio page (coming soon, but take our word for it here and now, they exist). But to learn the really important things about him, we’re gonna play a fun little game some of you might remember from junior high. It’s called Two Truths and Lie.

If you don’t remember the game, let me get you up to speed. I’m going to make three statements about Tyler. Two of them are true. One of them is a lie. It’s up to you to guess which ones are which.

Ready? Okay.

One: As a child, Tyler’s chief aspiration was to be Sherlock Holmes.

Two: Tyler can hold his breath for 72 seconds before he starts turning blue (welllll…purple).

Three: Despite being quite brainy and practical, Tyler’s deepest fear is that he would be a terrible accountant.

So…what’s the truth and what’s the lie? Let us know what you think.

And another girl!

Just because we love her. Not because we are scrabbling desperately to maintain the balance and continue talking about nail polish in team meetings.

Ashley! (With Mack lurking in the back like a creeper).

Ashley Steele started with us as part time and less than a month into it, we knew we needed her more than twice a week. So she’s become our newest full-time strategist, bringing with her an array of skills and experiences (to be detailed elsewhere).

Here are the things you really need to know about Ashley. (And one thing that you didn’t. Cuz it’s a dirty, dirty lie).

One: Ashley turned down a spot in the WNBA to go into marketing because she didn’t want the celebrity lifestyle.

Two: She has double jointed elbows.

Three: Ashley’s secret delight is the smell of bleach.

So…what’ll it be?

Stay tuned!

So, we’re putting together their official bios (with official photos and everything, despite how some of the team feel about having their picture taken), but we’re just so excited to have these two with us that we couldn’t wait any longer to tell you about them.

So drop us a line, say hello, welcome them to town.

And don’t forget to take a stab at which facts are true and which are…less so.

(Also…just in case…should you see a nefarious figure sniffing around our offices, let us know, would ya? We’re pretty happy with the six we’ve got. No need to start counting down instead of up).


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