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Beaches and Brains: Dreaming of SearchLove San Diego

By August 26, 2013Events, Miscellany

Ruminations on Locations

With the imminence of SearchLove San Diego and Mack’s speaking preparations, our team has found ourselves giving in to some grandiose dreams. This year has been a revelation of the value of conferences and we’d be lying if our far-flung future ambitions didn’t include some day hosting an event of our own.

Which, of course, raised the first and most important question: Where would this blessed occasion take place?

(This is a dream, remember? Not a practical issue just yet. Questions of funding and recruiting and otherwise resourcing are for other times).

After all, this year Mack has visited the great cities of Boston and Seattle and will soon be on her way to the coastal paradise of San Diego for SearchLove San Diego, held September 5-6, 2013.

SearchLove San Diego

It all raises the pivotal question of what makes a good venue for a web marketing conference?

Balmy Beaches

Choosing a location with the appropriate weather for the season is, apparently, key. Boston in the Spring, Seattle in the Summer, or say…San Diego in the Fall. What could be better?

This narrowed things down tremendously. No winters in Alaska, no summers in Arizona. Antarctica is right out. Likewise the Australian outback in January or the Sahara…really, anytime.

Actually, it’s pretty hard to beat something like this:

Paradise Point, San Diego

Which, by the way, is Paradise Point, the venue for SearchLove San Diego. Don’t you wish you were going?

And it’s not just weather that matters, either.

Bragging Rights

You want to pick city that people actually want to visit. No offense to the good people of Wisconsin or Minnesota, but when travelers are bragging about their past journeys, rarely do you hear them wax lyrical about their adventures in Milwaukee or Duluth.

They do not talk about Guatemala City or Luanda, Angola or Chisinau, Moldova or Houson (all of which have appeared on lists of the ugliest cities in the world).

Chisinau, Moldova

They probably don’t even bring up Mack Web’s hometown of Fort Collins or our nearest big neighbor, Denver, lovely though they may be to their residents.
No, they’re too busy talking about places like Angkor Wat or Miami or y’know, San Diego.

San Diego Skyline
Which is where they’re holding SearchLove in September.

Did we mention that?

Interesting…But Not Too Interesting

So we’ve ruled out the likely locations closest to home. If we’re not going for proximity, it would make sense for the entirely hypothetical Mack Web conference to pick one of those highly desirable locations that we want to visit.

(If it’s our hypothetical conference, there’s no reason we can’t be a little self-indulgent).

But here’s the problem: If we were to host a conference in say, Paris, would you actually go to listen to the speakers? Or would you be touring the Louvre and eating pastries at a little cafe in Montmartre?

Be honest, now.

So what we need is a place that’s beautiful and desirable without holding irresistible attractions.

Some place like, oh, I don’t know…San Diego?

San Diego pier

Say, I hear they’re holding a SearchLove Conference there next week. Wouldn’t it be cool to go to that?


You know what else would be a definite boon to a conference location?

Something characteristic and adorable that we could tie into our conference swag.

Like, if we held it in New York City, everyone could get Statue of Liberty hats with MackCon printed on them.

Or if we were to hold it in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, we could give everyone SearchMack emblazoned pepper spray. Or maybe a guard dog named MackWeb.

Now, if only we could think of a city that was famous for something interesting that we could tie-in, thematically, to our hypothetical future conference?

San Diego orcasSan Diego Zoo

San Diego Comic Con

Hmmm, we’ll have to give it some thought.

Available Libations

Now, if there’s one thing that we’ve learned from Mack’s attendance at other conferences and the hungover Tweets that pass back and forth in their wake, no web marketing conference is complete without access to post-speaker parties.

So, as nice as it might be to host a conference at a gorgeous and secluded retreat in the Alps or somewhere like Westhampton, Massachusetts (one of the few dry counties left in the U.S.), we realize that access to a nightlife is an absolute must.

Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego

Fun (and completely unrelated) Fact: Did you know that Paradise Point – where they’re apparently holding September SearchLove – is just a few minutes from Downtown San Diego?

Well, now you know.

Remind me again why you’re not going to SearchLove San Diego?

No Copycats

So, through our extensive research, it turns out that apparently the perfect location for a conference is…San Diego!

And what a coincidence, they just so happen to be holding SearchLove there next week.

While this is great news for you all (after all, tickets are still available), it’s hard to hear for the dreamers of Mack Web Solutions.

After all the first and principle rule for conference venues is: Nobody likes a copycat.

Which means, we’ll have to think of somewhere else to hold our future conference.

(Hmm…waterfront, desirable, limited distractions, easy gimmick, excellent nightlife…)


But hey, while you’re waiting for your invite to SearchMackCon Atlantis, you should consider checking out SearchLove in September.

Tickets are $1249 for the basic package, $1549 for the fancy one and you get to hang out at a pretty swanky hotel.

I mean, it’s a given that the speakers will be awesome (‘cuz they always are), but hey, did you hear?

They’re holding it in San Diego!



Author Courtney Brown

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  • Katie says:

    “waterfront, desirable, limited distractions, easy gimmick, excellent nightlife”

    hmmm I think you just described Chicago…..water (with no sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, or icky salt that makes your skin burn), Navy Pier (which has a great conference space near the end of the pier which is isolated enough for minimal distractions), easy gimmick (the hard part is choosing which one!) and duh, nightlife.

    Just a thought.

    • Courtney says:

      Well, now. Why didn’t I think of that? Still getting into that Chicago mindset, I guess…

      Still, with major conferences already occurring in Spring, Summer, and Fall, we might need to plan for a winter location. Back to Atlantis, it is!

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