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Holding Steady at Six: Say Hello to Ayelet

Contradictory emotions

Though we are sad to be bidding our beloved Julie Sutter a final (well…semi-final, partial, not-at-all definitive) farewell, we are beyond excited to introduce you to the newest member of the team.

Ayelet Golz comes to us from, well, the world. We consider her the planet’s gift to Mack Web Solutions, really.

Ayelet Golz - Social and Community Manager Extraordinaire

She’s done extensive marketing and community building work all over the globe and yet somehow we managed to lure her into our little Fort Collins net.

We assume that it was our passion for our work, our positively absurd amounts of charm, and the promise of unlimited gummy bears that did the trick.

Although, by happy chance, Ayelet also has managed to stumble into a work environment where her extensive collection of llama stories and ability to discuss the psychological and sociological effects of the coming zombie apocalypse would be properly appreciated.

Looking to the future

As you’ll learn in the coming weeks and months and years, Ayelet is a huge boon to the work of Mack Web Solutions. Her presence on the team means that we can dedicate all of her considerable brain power and experience and not-inconsiderable charm to just the building and tending of online communities.

(Which, if you hadn’t figured it out already, is pretty much our primary aim).

Turning over the care and feeding of the online communities to Ayelet frees up our strategist team to strategize and our production team to produce, while keeping a steady and confident hand on the community management helm.

So, pretty much a whole lot of winning going on there.

Already the perfect match

Even though Ayelet has only been with us a short time, we already know she’s going to fit right in.

How can we be so sure?

Well, we asked her, out of the blue, to write us a llama haiku (does that sentence sound Dr. Seuss-y to anyone else?).

And, off the top of her head and without asking a single question, she provided us with this little gem:

The llama lived up high
She gave kids rides and schlepped milk
Llama kicked up her feet

See? She’s definitely Mack Web People.



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Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • Ronell Smith says:


    I’d like to welcome Ayelet to the MWS family, which is far larger than you all realize. (I’m Mack’s brother-from-another-mother, by the way 🙂

    I am a little disturbed, however, by Ayelet’s haiku. I think she plagiarized it from my new book, “Llamas Living The High Life: Schlepping Milk and Kicking Feet.”

    Please inform Ayelet that my attornies (yes, I meant that to be plural) will be in touch shortly 🙂


  • Ayelet says:

    Always nice to meet Mack’s “relatives”! Even when they threaten to sue. 🙂

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