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The Essentials of Community Building (with Guide, Webinar & Slidedeck in Tow)

Community building is not about social media. It’s about people. Building a community is not about how many followers you acquire on social media. It’s about becoming a valuable brand and then building an engaged audience around it.

All of this community building stuff requires a shift in perspective. It’s a focus on accomplishing goals for your whole business and really paying attention to your customer’s needs. But lucky for you, everything you do to build a community will naturally build a better business and help you weather Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

Over the past few years I’ve been blogging, speaking, and, as a company, we’ve been doing a whole lot of community guiding. As a result, I’ve got some resources that will help lead you through three of the biggest building blocks of community: the tools, the process, and the measurement.

I’ve broken these resources down for you in three simple steps:

Step One: Download this Sucker

If you haven’t yet downloaded our free guide to building online communities, now’s your chance. This 147 page guide is packed full of all the gory details of community building. From the benefits to the tools, to the process—and even how to make adaptations as a company, an agency, or an in-house person tasked with the role of community building—this guide has it.

And the best part about it is you won’t want to stick a fork in your leg when you’re reading it, either (which we feel is a pretty large incentive).

Step Two: Watch this Webinar

After you’ve downloaded our 147 page guide (we don’t call it Truly Monumental for nothing) you may want someone to hold your hand as you read it. And because that might get a little weird, you can watch this Webinar instead (thanks to OpenView Labs). It’s the 45 minute run down of our 147 page guide and it walks through the key takeaways of community building including the tools, the process, and the measurement.

Step Three: Download this Slide Deck

In addition to the guide and Webinar above, this slidedeck is the play-by-play of the key takeaways in our guide (and it’s what I walk through in the Webinar). Throughout the deck you’ll notice some references to pages in the guide where you can get additional details and information.

This deck also has a few new things in it that are not in our guide like how to use the SMART framework to define goals (starting on slide 35) and an approach we’ve been using for buy-in (starting on slide 84) that can help better communicate the expectations that come along with the phases of community.

Send Us Your Questions

We spend a lot of time testing and determining what really helps businesses build their brands and communities online. We’d love to answer any specific questions or help you solve any unique challenges you’ve been facing. Please feel free to reach out to me or the Mack Web team on Twitter, or certainly contact us here. We look forward to having you in our community.


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