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The Integrated Marketing KPIs of Using Video to Build Your Brand


Using video to build your brand is powerful. It’s the closest thing to real, human interaction and it’s what helps to connect people to the authenticity and personality behind your company.

But if you’re simply using video to build your brand, you’re leaving opportunity on the table. There is so much in your video efforts that can be leveraged in other channels like social, search, email, and offline. Integrating these channels will accelerate the growth of your community and your brand. It’s the sum of all the parts that leads to your true value and return on investment (ROI).

Measuring The Success of Your Efforts

There’s two things to consider when you’re measuring the success of your efforts with something like video (and other types of content): you’ve got The Parts, and The Sum of The Parts. With The Parts, you want to consider how the individual pieces of your efforts, like video, are performing.

What value are they providing? Are those videos furthering the reach of your brand? Are they helping people to feel more connected? Are they garnering more leads? The same thing applies to other “parts” like social media, email marketing, other types of content, search, and offline efforts. Analyze how those parts are individually contributing to your success.

And then, more importantly, be sure you’re taking a look at The Sum of The Parts. This is your 30,000 foot view. When you add up all of the integrated pieces of your efforts like video, social, search, email, and offline, what effect have they had on your business as a whole?  It is the sum of all of these parts that provides the true ROI and that work together to build your brand and your community.

KPIs for The Parts and The Sum of The Parts

Depending on your project, and goals, there are many key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you determine the success of your efforts and the impact they have on your business. This slide deck includes some suggested KPIs for both The Parts (video) and The Sum of The Parts (video, social, search, email, offline) communicating success indicators for integrated marketing efforts.

Remember that it isn’t just video, or social, or search, or email, or offline efforts alone that make a difference in your business. It’s the integration and sum of the parts that add up to a greater whole. And that’s what it takes to build a community.



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