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Quest-PostIt’s impossible to communicate the value of social media efforts when you’re using a metric like follower count. It’s easy to measure, but it doesn’t mean anything.

You’ve got to put in the work to measure the right things so that you can determine whether your efforts are actually making a difference.

I’ve got a whole lot of reasons for (and proof of) why you should be measuring social media success differently. In an effort to provide a few suggestions on how to do that, I’ve put together this case study. A slide deck that tells the story of my own two-year, follower-building effort.


Author Mack Fogelson

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  • Salman Aslam says:

    Dont’ worry, I just followed you 🙂

    Btw, Epic job with the typo on this presentation, it was RAD!

  • Karthik Nataraaj says:

    Good Slide Mack. I really like the way the bg colors and fonts are used.

    And for the slide content, the new metrics are not just for social media. Any type of traffic such as organic, email, advertisement should be measured with conversions.

  • ronell smith says:


    You get the “Oh my” award of the day. I delivered a content strategy road map to a big client last week, and we talked about these same elements. If your judging the success of your business on follower counts and the like, you may as well board up the place.

    Social is very important to the success of many businesses, but those companies using follows, fans and likes as key metrics are playing the wrong game. Actually, they aren’t even in the game.

    Thanks, Mack, for (a) being awesome and (b) sharing your story.


    • Mackenzie Fogelson says:

      Thanks Ronell. Always appreciate your support. Social media measurement is a lot of work. Unfortunately you can’t just look at one metric and know how things are going. We’re on a mission to make things a little easier but I’m sure that will be a never ending journey 🙂

    • Charity says:


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