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It’s a Mack Web Life for us (and you)

By June 19, 2014Miscellany

Around the Mack Web office it’s crazy-busy. ALL. THE. TIME.

Seriously, there’s always something going on around this place. We’re doing a quest thing, we’re curating content for our NOKlistupdating our name, you know, good stuff like that. We also rearranged our offices, had picnics in the park, and celebrated our boss’ b-day. Not to mention lots and lots of client stuff and, of course, the obligatory break for tea in the afternoon.

mack bday

While the pace at Mack Web is currently a-hundred-miles-per-hour, we’re also having a lot of fun. And we’re enjoying our time together so much so that we couldn’t resist sharing some of these wonderful things that have been happening here with the whole wide world.

Thus, Rebecca (AKA: our hashtag queen) came up with #mackweblife – a tiny sneak-peek into the life of we Mack Web employees and all of the HipChatting of adorable kitten pictures (okay, maybe that’s just Nat & me) company things we do together.

These glimpses into the world of Mack Web are our little gifts to you (and it just so happens that buying little gifts for our team and friends is my favorite part of this job, so I’m stoked to present you with these gems from our office). Sometimes, on very special occasions, you’ll get a more-than-140-character look into our lives. Like this blog post. Because we’re really nice like that.

So, here’s what we’ve got going on this week:

Courtness is here

Our dearest Courtney is here!!! No really, three exclamations are totally necessary for this one. (The fact that Courtney hates them just makes it better. Trust me.) While we all love how Mack lets us take on big adventures and pursue all of our hopes and dreams with our careers, we also really enjoy being together in the same city. It makes sharing a bag of gummy bears a heck of a lot easier. And for that reason alone it’s totally worth flying someone across the country a few times a year.

courtney here


The plane fare is also worth it for Strat-Ops (Strategical Operations). Once-a-year, we hold a two-day shindig (and then once-a-quarter we spend just one, full day) where we hit the pause button on everything going on and focus solely on the growth of our company. During this precious time we get all employees in one room and turn all the technology off. We use lots of giant sticky notes and smelly markers to map out where we are and where we want to go.

stratops poster

Something to do with a video camera, a script, and a llama

(You know we couldn’t go an entire blog post without mentioning a llama. Let’s be real.)

And, speaking of where we want to go, this week we did a little work on an upcoming project.

There’s not too much we can tell you about this one quite yet. But because we can barely contain our excitement, we’ll tell you it involves these three things: a llama, a lot of paper, and a snow globe.

video shooting

We’ve got good things going on, people.

Stay tuned. Because no matter how crazy or nuts it gets around here, we’re gonna keep doing this thing. We love it too much to quit.

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