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Integrated Marketing Measurement: The Story That Proves Your Value

Another day, another deck

To the envy of the rest of our Anglophile team, Mack was recently honored with an invitation to speak at SearchLove London.

Which of course, meant it was time to create another spectacular slide deck. (And, y’know, put together a talk to go along with it.)

Mack’s talk addressed one of the pressing difficulties of implementing an integrated marketing strategy: measuring the right things not just to correctly assess your progress but to keep your clients satisfied with that progress and engaged with your strategy. It’s less about what you measure and more how you convey the data: telling the story of how the short-term wins move you down the road toward your longer-term goals.

The result was this deck, as ever a splendid joint creation of Mack, our designer Nat, and the eagle eyes of the rest of the team.

We recommend giving it a gander and, in case you missed Mack’s presentation on  integrated marketing measurement or if you’re in a hurry, keep reading for the highlights.

Key Takeaways

Just because it takes 2-3 years to spiral up the Mountain of Success doesn’t mean that your clients will wait that long for results.

Often the first obstacle we encounter with our clients is convincing them to do their marketing right. They want to parkour their way up the quickest path, taking whatever expedient and dodgy measures necessary to get quick results. Convincing them to take the long-view, spiraling our way up the proper footpath – with brand building and authenticity and putting in the work to build a better business – can be a hard sell.

Slide 5 - The Mountain of Success

And even if they’re willing to do the foundational work that can take 2-3 years to complete, they’re not going to wait that long for results. You have to prove your value long before the 2-3 year mark.

Slide 8 - Prove Value to Build a Brand

And that’s where integrated marketing measurement comes in.

 A side note: The best marketing works from the inside out.

If you’re curious about that 2-3 year span, well…you obviously missed Mack’s presentation at C3 2014, where she went through all the steps and pieces of an integrated marketing strategy and why it works.

The very, very short version is this: the best marketing, the marketing that pulls people in and turns them into brand evangelists, starts by identifying your business’ meaning beyond money, building an entire brand experience around that meaning with every available channel working together, and forging relationships through your authenticity.

Slide 18 - Community and Revenue


The slightly longer version can be found in the key takeaways from Mack’s C3 2014 talk, Playing the Long Game: Growing Your Business Through Community and Integrated Marketing.

 Prove your value to your client by telling them the story your data is creating about the progress you’re making toward their goals.

Tracing the path of customer conversions is tricky with an integrated approach. The whole point is to have all the channels working together, giving each customer a multi-channel experience and many levels of persuasion.

Slide 43 - The Path to Conversion

Knowing exactly which piece was the tipping point and how to weigh the value of each piece of the experience is pretty much impossible. So you can’t just use conversions to prove your value to the client. Instead, as Vizzini advises, you have to go back to the beginning.

The first thing you’re going to do when you follow that integrated marketing approach is to identify your clients goals: their overarching vision, the benchmarks for their brand and business along the way, and then the individual campaigns that will push you toward those benchmarks.

Slide 71 - Focus on Goal Progress

Instead of giving them the number of clicks and forms and sessions and all the other KPIs, use the goals as focal points and tell them how much progress you’ve made toward them. They don’t need to know all the number stuff. To the clients, the metrics only mean what you tell them they mean. Distilling all the work and effort that went into earning those numbers into a statistic only diminishes the perceived value of your efforts. So cut that out.

Instead you read the metrics and craft that into a narrative of progress to communicate your value to your client.

 The story is for them, the metrics are for you. Seize opportunities for progress.

But just because you’re not sharing all the nitty-gritty numbers with them doesn’t mean you’re not avidly watching them yourself. Measure the right things, the numbers that actually mean something. When you see something interesting, do something about it. Take note of trends and spikes and patterns and then make a plan of action for further testing or taking advantage of what you’ve noticed.

But here’s the trick, with clients and with an integrated approach: you can’t jump on every little blip, every little opportunity as you see it.

Slide 93 - Not the Shiny Things

When you see and interesting trend or your clients come to you with a brilliant new idea or direction stop and ask: Does this align with our goals? If so, is it urgent? Or can it wait until the next strategy iteration?

If it’s urgent, it’s urgent. If not, keep a running list that will guide your next set of campaigns.

 The nature of integrated marketing makes it difficult to parse the progress for your clients.

Integrated marketing, by its very nature, is difficult to measure. So many pieces working together make it difficult to determine what’s working and what isn’t.

Slide 99 - Nothing works in isolation

So when you get frustrated, here are the things to remember:

  • Everything goes back to your goals.
  • Prove your value with the story your data is telling, not the data itself. (A story about what? That’s right, your goals.)
  • Don’t rest on your laurels: try new tactics and new KPIs. You’ll never see so clearly what works until it’s set next to something that doesn’t.

 Just getting started

As we hinted in our post digesting the C3 2014 slide deck, this topic – of integrated marketing and integrated marketing measurement and integrated marketing with meaning – is our passion.

We will absolutely be talking more about this in days to come. You should probably sign up for our email below, just to make sure you don’t miss anything.

That would be so sad for you.

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