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Nuggets of Knowledge: March 2016

By March 30, 2016Nuggets of Knowledge

Nuggets of Knowledge - Genuinely

This month’s NOK list is a compendium of videos: videos that strike a chord with us emotionally, targeting our personal values and beliefs about core human issues. In order to be relevant to today’s consumers, brands are using emotional storytelling as part of their content strategy, tapping into our emotions to send a message and make a human connection. And, video is a great way to make that human connection.

International Women’s Day on March 8 was a great opportunity for many brands to make that human connection with their audiences by communicating the brand’s values about the lives, achievements, and struggles of women around the world. Rather than focusing on a product, these brands focus on important issues that elicit strong emotions in their audiences.

Brands embrace ‘fempowerment’ campaigns to appeal to women

by T.L. Stanley (Mashable)
In addition to advertising their product, brands today are advertising their values as a way to communicate and connect with their audiences on another level. In this article, Mashable offers a variety of brands – from the more masculine Brawny paper towels to a new Always #LikeaGirl campaign about emojis – that are honing in on women’s empowerment, and the emotions associated with being a girl/woman.

A detergent commercial makes a simple, powerful point about inequality 

by Frida Garza (Quartz)
Soap maker Ariel India (a Procter & Gamble brand), takes on gender inequality with an incredibly powerful video about how it’s not just up to mom to manage the heavy load of home, kids, and career. This purpose-driven campaign is an authentic and emotional way for Ariel to connect with their audience and show them that they’re not afraid to take a stand on something that also matters to their customers.

Why emotional storytelling is the future of branding

by Patrick Hong (Momentology)
There are so many great examples in this article that showcase the power of emotional storytelling. When asked why emotional marketing is important, Andy Maslen says, “Because information leads to analysis, but emotion leads to action.”

This is beating the odds

by Western Union (YouTube)
This short video, created by Western Union for International Women’s Day, tells the story of Siba, who aims to become one of the first female commercial pilots in South Africa. It is the most inspiring thing we’ve seen in a long time.

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