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Leading From Purpose: Customer Experience

By April 6, 2017Leading From Purpose

Experience is a loaded term these days and requires the continuous optimization of, well, everything. Unparalleled interactions with your customers are expected through any method and on any channel. Here’s a few things we’ve been reading on how you can bake a better experience into your DNA.

Customer Experience by Design – Carla Johnson
For better or worse, customers no longer believe your advertising alone. You must earn (and keep) your customers by fighting for and exhibiting your purpose through your actions and the experiences you provide. Read the article

The Rise of Consumer Activism in an Era of Distrust – Edelman PR

A recommended read from Jeff Pundyk (@jpundyk) at The Economist, we love the model for consumer activism where the strength in relationship with a brand can go from indifferent to committed — all depending on how well the brand is articulating and living their values and purpose. Read the article

Making Design Core to the Agile Process – Salesforce
“Too often teams jump into building before developing a clear definition of the problem. To innovate, we needed to pause and ask ourselves the why.” Read the article


Evolve or Die: How Purpose and Authenticity are the Future of Brands – Mack Fogelson
The way purpose shows itself inside your organization is inextricably linked to how your company is perceived on the outside. Note slides 104 – 138 in Mack’s most recent talk on evolving your approach to growth. Read the article


How to Optimize for a Mobile Experience that Converts – Talia Wolf
Being responsive — in the digital sense — is no longer enough. The value of your customer experience diminishes greatly with poor execution of your mobile strategy. Read the article

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