Why Have a Mack if We’re not Going to Share her Brilliance?

Mack has been tapped to speak at some of the top conferences in the search engine marketing industry including MozCon, SearchLove, Unbounce CTAConf, Digital Summit, and Internet Summit. She is known for being well-prepared, well-rehearsed, and well-received.

Her honest and authentic style is presented through a mix of storytelling, data, and frameworks with strong philosophical foundations. She tailors every talk to the conference and audience and takes pride in delivering some of the most beautiful slide decks to ever grace the screen.

Her Bailiwick

Mack’s focus is on the various aspects and facets of purpose  — how companies can build meaningful, successful, and profitable organizations by leading from it.

There are many different angles this topic can take (and has taken):

Building a human, purposeful organization
(and with it, a community)

Why audience data is useless without deconstructing your customer’s journey

How to measure a purpose-driven approach

What it’s Like to Have Mack Speak

Rand Fishkin
Individual Contributor, Moz

“Mack’s engaging style, passion for her craft, and terrific experience combine to make her a high-quality public speaker. We’ve hosted Mack at Moz events and I’ve watched her on stage at others and been consistently impressed.”

Wil Reynolds
Founder, Seer Interactive

“Mack balances great inspiring presentations with practical frameworks to implement them. That is the 1-2 punch that makes me want to copy her style in my presentations. When I see her present I know I’m going to learn something, get straight talk, and usually walk away with the frameworks to implement this at my company.”

Kristen Craft
Director of Events, Wistia

“Mack brings energy and authority to every speaking engagement she does. Her blend of actionable guidance and warmth keeps audiences engaged and delighted. Not only does she prepare something new and targeted for each conference, but she always blows people away with the clarity (and beauty) of her slide decks. No wonder she’s been such a top-rated speaker!”

Lynsey Little
Head of Marketing & Events, Distilled

“Mack is one of the finest speakers around. Whenever she walks on stage, I know she’ll deliver a knock-out presentation, complete with gorgeous slides. Our audience loves her bold, visionary ideas which she always backs up with rock-solid data and case studies from her work as an industry leader.

But more than that, we love the authenticity that Mack brings. Every word is driven by her passion for the subject and it’s this passion that fills the room with energy and sees everyone move to the edge of their seat. I can’t wait to see what she does next.”

Mack’s Gigs for 2017

Digital Summit Phoenix – Phoenix, Arizona
February 22-23

Digital Summit Seattle – Seattle, Washington
March 27-28

NextAfter Webinar – Fundraising with Purpose
April 18 – 11 am PST

 Digital Summit Denver – Denver, Colorado
June 27-28

 Digital Summit Kansas City – Kansas City, Missouri
July 26-27

Digital Summit Minneapolis – Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 14-15

A Taste of Mack’s Speaking Footage

Just a Few of Mack’s Slide Decks

Chat with Mack about speaking at your next event.