Full LP_v1_at250 (1)Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Team up with us as we move toward our objective – an understanding of the definition and importance of authenticity, which will culminate in us arriving at a currently classified destination.
We’ve got the tech, we’ve got the all-black tactical gear (black is very slimming), and we’ve got the ordinance. Okay, we’ve got llamas and gummy bears. Our mission is authentic, not impossible. Don’t worry. Nothing’s going to self-destruct.

Your Instructions

Mack Web’s going on a mission and we’re taking you with us. We’ve got an objective in mind. You’ve got the plan, you’ve got the llamas, you can get the supplies. Over the next few weeks, keep an eye on our blog or your email or #AuthenticMission for the next steps. And, when in doubt, check this page for everything you need to know – we will update this page as the mission proceeds. (We’re making it pretty easy for you.)

The Schematics

Track your progress on our new operation by moving your llama around the game board. There’s some cool stuff along the way and a party at the end. (Well, we’re having a party, anyway.) Can’t wait to see you in the shadows. (Or not see you, as the case may be.)

Your Progress in Mission: Authentic

StartStop One: Our New Digs

Our new digs: To get where you’re going, you have to start from the right place. Read it.



Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 3.41.03 PMStop Two: Cultivate an Asset

Cultivate an asset: Make a new friend and then introduce us. (Also, win a thing! Yay!) Color it.



007-iconStop Three: Pick a Good Alias

A rose by any other name … just wouldn’t work right. Read it.



Mask-IconStop Four: Improvise

Pop quiz (But there’s no right answer. Waaay better than high school): Who’s authentic? Tweet it.



Keys-iconStop Five: Regroup and Conquer

The team’s got some thoughts. Read it.



Gummy-Bear-iconStop Six: Safe House

You’ve made it this far! Take a break, refuel. Eat a gummy bear. (That’s what we’re doing.)



Camera-iconStop Seven: Get the Intel

Now it’s our turn to introduce you to someone awesome. You’re welcome. Listen to it.



Binoculars-iconStop Eight: Hang on Tight

Nothing to do but wonder … are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Tweet it.



Finish-IconStop Nine: Finish

Mission accomplished. PARTY! Ever partied with llamas? No, we haven’t either. But we bet it’s a kickin’ party! (Get it? Kickin’?) Learn more.



Wanna play?


Print the Game Board  Print your Asset