7 Steps to Authentic Influencer Marketing

Whether you’re buying a new oven, searching for a new dentist, or want ideas for your next weekend vacation, you probably turn to people who you trust for recommendations. Most people do. You can take this word-of-mouth effort to the next level for your brand by doing influencer marketing: building relationships and collaborating with influencers who have sway in your target market.

In this three-part series, we’ll walk you through everything — from finding the right influencers, to connecting with them, to developing and sending the pitch.

Part One

Discover the value of influencer marketing and find your ideal influencers to increase brand awareness and build a community.

Part Two

Find out how to forge a real connection with your influencers so that they’ll respond to your eventual pitch.

Part Three

Develop the perfect pitch, follow up, and continue to build relationships with influencers so that you can reach your brand goals.