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Leading From Purpose: Connecting with Your Customers

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Everyone’s got data. A lot of it. How do you take that data and turn it into something coveted like a connection with your customer? Try some of these on for size:


Product Managers: Why You Should Include Customer Success Milestones in Your User Flows – Medium
Connecting with your customer is all about perspective. One of the largest fails that many companies make is identifying their own success gaps vs. those of their actual customers. Understanding your customer’s success gaps is a partnership between product management and customer success teams working together to co-create a user flow. This adds to better product function and connection with your customer. Read the article

UX: Creating Proto-Personas – Medium
Many companies think they’re connecting with and talking to their customers but digital surveys, psychographic, and demographic data doesn’t tell you where your customer is stuck or what they think or feel. If your organization is still making assumptions about your customers and you have not yet invested the time to speak with them face-to-face about their roadblocks, try creating a proto-persona and then further check those assumptions against real data. Read the article

B2B Personas: Targeting Audiences – SalesForce
This persona study conducted by Sales Force, LinkedIn, and Data.com provides an incredible amount of data that will help you better understand B2B persona audiences and the trends within them. Definitely worth a read, and also remember that data is only an inference made about your customer until you speak with them 1:1. Make sure you’re bridging the gap between your purpose and then validate against a larger audience. Read the article

Why Your Organization is Getting Sales and Marketing Wrong – Mack Fogelson
The key to connection with customers, employees, and, well, people, is purpose. The successful integration and implementation of purpose, both inside and outside your organization, is directly related to your company’s ability to grow and compete in the digital age. Because your sales, marketing, and customer experience teams are the most outwardly facing humans in your organization, they need to understand how to apply purpose to their daily efforts. Read the article

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Leading From Purpose: What It Takes to Win

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From tenacity and industry-disrupting customer experience to grit and living your company’s purpose, here are some resources that will help your organization with some inspiration to push through the hard stuff, stand out, increase your team’s happiness, and achieve even more growth.

Lessons in Tenacity from the Co-Founder of Foursquare – First Round
In his recollection of Foursquare’s early days, Dennis Crowley narrates the game-changing moments for the company that weren’t so easy to come by. His tenacity as a founder — through his personal identity, confidence, focus, culture, grit, and telling his company’s story — has evolved greatly over the years. Crowley’s ability to stay the path and trust the process has brought great success to the company Read the article

PlanGrid’s Playbook for Startups to Crack Big, Established Industries – First Round Review
PlanGrid brilliantly used a minimum viable product to connect with their ideal customer and learn how to evolve to better serve them—a shining example of how to build a durable company in the digital age. Their approach toward mapping their customer’s journey and remove their roadblocks was so effective, they disrupted an entire industry Read the article

How to Foster Psychological Safety in Remote Teams – NOBL
When you spend your work day online rather than physically in an office,  there’s a different set of rules and ways of working that apply. NOBL walks through how working remote goes deeper than using Slack and Google docs. Read the article


Why Your Organization is Getting Sales and Marketing Wrong – Mack Fogelson
In Mack’s latest post, she details a formula for integrating purpose into the efforts of your most externally facing teams like sales, marketing, and customer experience, and how that impacts growth in your organization. Read the article


Grit: A Complete Guide on Being Mentally Tough – James Clear
This is a great read by James Clear with a ton of resources on what grit really is and how to develop it. Grit is committing to the hard stuff that comes with the day-to-day after many, many months or years. It’s built through failing, getting things really wrong, and having the passion and perseverance to start over and continue iterating to make what you really want a reality. Read the article

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Are you a nonprofit organization? Mack is giving a NextAfter webinar on Tuesday, April 18th at 11am PT on how to achieve greater results through authentic fundraising.

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