What’s possible with purpose.

Building a viable business in the digital age starts from purpose. It’s from this foundation wherein all strategy begins and the authentic, human aspects of your organization inspire advocacy among your customers and foster a more meaningful environment for your employees.

We’ve spent three years alongside Traveling Vineyard — a BBB accredited direct sales wine company. Although our journey together began by clarifying the company’s purpose and evolving their approach to strategy and growth, we continued our work by deconstructing their sales funnel and customer journey, and training and mentoring their sales, marketing, and customer experience teams on an ongoing basis.

We’ve increased customer acquisition, elevated employee satisfaction, and added to the durability of their organization. The results have been transformative for their brand and exponential for their employees and their business.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without Genuinely.”
– Huib Geerlings/CEO


Increased customer aquisition.

For Traveling Vineyard, increased customer acquisition has been a result of many things including clarifying their purpose, deconstructing their sales funnel and customer journey, and evolving their approach to strategy.

Clarifying purpose.

When we met Traveling Vineyard, like many companies, they were pushing hard to sell their product rather than dig deep into the greater things they were doing as a company to improve people’s lives. Not everyone wants to sell wine, but most people want to enhance their life in some way.

Once we helped Traveling Vineyard clarify their purpose, everything changed. Transforming lives by providing fulfilling and flexible work — not just selling wine — was now driving the focus of the business which meant they needed to adjust the way they had been approaching strategy. This started with helping their teams better understanding their customer.

Traveling Vineyard already had the foundation for a vibrant community, we just needed to bring their people together — employees and customers — to ignite a greater sense of meaning. This in turn started conversations and fostered the advocacy required to earn more of the right customers.

Deconstructing the sales funnel and customer journey.

With the Traveling Vineyard team, we took a look at both demographic and psychographic audience data. We worked through a methodology for validating this data by talking directly to their very own customers.

We helped them take apart their sales funnel, mapping the true customer journey along the way. We guided them as they put it back together, effectively using automation and incorporating content that ultimately reduced roadblocks and increased rates of conversion.

increase in Wine Guide conversion rates in the first year
of lead forms are submitted on pages that specifically communicate the company's purpose
of all Wine Guides that sign up, do so after filling out a lead form on one of these purpose-oriented pages.

Evolving strategy.

With purpose and customer aligned, strategy became about intention. Where could Traveling Vineyard have the conversation about a fulfilling life and flexible work? Who were the people and organizations who were already part of that conversation and how do they join them?

How can Traveling Vineyard better equip their sales force with the content and resources necessary to dissolve the reasons holding the ideal customer back? What were the most effective opportunities to authentically communicate the inseparable nature between becoming a Wine Guide and enhancing your quality of life?

And, even more importantly, how did they know these changes were making a difference in their business?

In addition to teaching a more agile framework from which to approach strategy, guiding the initial creation of conversion content and advising the channels representing the greatest opportunity, we helped the Traveling Vineyard team realign their measurement strategy so they had the right data communicating the progress they were making by better connecting with their customers.

The business results.

Since Genuinely clarified Traveling Vineyard’s Purpose, deconstructed their sales funnel and customer journey, and evolved their strategy their business has grown exponentially.

In 2016, Traveling Vineyard acquired 703% more customers and 448% more leads than in 2013— the year prior to working with Genuinely. But significant results were still achieved within the first year:

increase in customers in the first year
more NEW customers in 2016 than 2013
more leads acquired in 2016 than in 2013

Elevated employee satisfaction.

For Traveling Vineyard, elevated employee satisfaction has been a result of:

Listening to their people.

One of the biggest benefits of a purpose-driven approach is your employees become more satisfied, more engaged, more willing to stick around, and more willing to advocate on your behalf.

We observed how they approached their work. We learned about their strategic process and their ways of working. We asked questions about their challenges, their roadblocks and their wins. We collaborated with Traveling Vineyard on both the qualitative and quantitative insights we collected so the learnings could be applied to improve systems and processes, and ultimately results.

“I have so many more leads this year. My friends tell me they see Traveling Vineyard everywhere.”
– Lori Stryker/Wine Guide


The time we spent with Traveling Vineyard’s employees built genuine relationships among team members. Our care for their frustrations brought a deeper level of loyalty and faith in the organization.

Every employee was honored to be asked to participate in feedback sessions. The process has since opened up communication to the organization, providing Traveling Vineyard with the opportunity to continuously learn and improve.

In the end, Traveling Vineyard’s employees felt a greater satisfaction as a representative of the brand and company. Their pride is now tangible. And, as a result, acquisition continues to rise.

of Wine Guides are satisfied with joining Traveling Vineyard
of Wine Guides would recommend Traveling Vineyard as a career
increase in Wine Guide satisfaction

Durability of the organization.

For Traveling Vineyard, the durability of their organization has been a result of:

The courage to lead from purpose.

The best part about our work with Traveling Vineyard is by far the people. The Traveling Vineyard Leadership Team’s courage to lead from purpose is a tribute to their employees, a reason to believe for their customers, and an aspiration for their competitors.

Their adoption of our framework and execution of our guidance has created a palpable, and positive, change both inside the organization and to their position in the market.  

Since our work with Traveling Vineyard began in 2013, the company has become an exemplar of what a successful, ethical, human direct selling company could and should be. A thriving business — and community — built around a purpose.

As a direct result of the work Genuinely has done with Traveling Vineyard, the company has continued to experience substantial growth over time.

average annual increase in customers, year-over-year
compound annual growth

“What you are getting with Genuinely is a really smart group of people that can keep pace with the much needed thought leadership in an extremely fast moving world.”
– Rick Libby/CMO


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