“We wouldn’t be where we are today without Genuinely.”

Huib Geerlings, CEO


“You will never find another company who will care as much about your company as Genuinely.”

Justin Demers, Co-Founder

“The team at Genuinely is exceptional at zeroing in on the important topics. They challenged us with difficult questions that helped us gain clarity on core differentiators and the hearts of our target market. Not only did they capture our purpose, they helped us demonstrate it in every aspect. And, they made an otherwise painful process entertaining, educational, and were superbly organized in their approach.”

Jen Sommerville, Head of Productivity


“The work we’ve done with Genuinely has been super strong. Everything they do is about focus and distillation which is very in line with how we work. Genuinely comes prepared and super focused. The preparatory work they performed on our brand was dead on. They know what we’re about, they understand our product, they understand our goals, they’re excited to integrate with our team, and they believe wholeheartedly in our mission.”

Todd, Co-Founder, Ello


“What you are getting with Genuinely is a really smart group of people that can keep pace with the much needed thought leadership in an extremely fast moving world. Before working with Genuinely, we weren’t leveraging the power of our community. They helped us shape an intimate experience with our brand around our purpose so that we could earn the trust of the right people and ultimately build a better company.

Genuinely’s approach works really well and gets tremendous results. They have really made a difference and we are very grateful for that.”

Rick Libby, CMO


“Genuinely has been a trusted partner and extremely knowledgeable resource to me as I built the foundation of my business and platform. Their strategic focus and direction has set us up to be a successful brand.”

Billy Evans, Founder


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